From Advice to Installation :

Our expertise for your solutions

For the past 15 years we have developed solid experience in wireless technologies, which has become our specialty. From private business networks to networks in complicated zones, we work in many business sectors to ensure continuous connectivity.

Today we are both an integration company and an company offering engineering and consulting services. Our mission is to support you throughout your wireless network’s lifecycle:

  • Advice about technological choices and the best network configuration
  • Support during your acquisition strategy
  • Network implementation, installation and operation

Our team

Thomas Hervieu

Associate Director

Jean-Rémi Descombes

Associate Director

Florence Erpelding

Consulting division manager

Richard Clark

Business manager Benelux

Philippe Helman

Project manager

Bernard Etienne

Project manager

Amadou Diallo

Telecom engineer

Shubham Maheshwari

Telecom engineer

Madlyne Gogan

Telecom engineer

Walid Bouaffou

Telecom engineer

Valetin Caillard

Telecom engineer

And what if tomorrow every service relied on wireless?

Built around the different digital transitions, LD has had to meet many challenges. These transitions have pushed us into the creation of our own products and solutions in order to improve the wireless experience. Because each configuration is different, we want this experience to be customized and à la carte.

Involved in the future of wireless in France, we have been able to make our mark beside the major players in the telecommunications industry.


LD was created

A decade at work, two digital transitions

€1,8 Million

In revenue in 2018

Stable, long-term growth


Cities where LD has offices

Paris, Lyon and Amsterdam


Active clients

6 key sectors, from transportation to industrial sites