Travel with wireless!

Telecommunications systems are essential for the smooth functioning and security of transportation networks, whether on land, sea or by air.

LD solutions :

Allow vehicles to communicate with each other
Secure spaces where transportation operations take place, mainly confined spaces (tunnels, operations buildings)
Allow operations teams to communicate together
Offer multimedia services to travelers

How ?

We use mobile radio networks that distribute both voice and data streams. Additionally, they allow for the exchange of information between central and remote applications.

Our technologies

TETRA, GSM-R, INPT, 5G, WiFi, SAEIV, video surveillance, ERTMS, CBTC, DAS

The transition to LTE (4G) technology is necessary to allow for the high speed transfer of data and the sharing of video streams. Already used by the public at large, in the near future a regulatory framework should help define their use in both private and professional contexts.

Air Transportation

Road Transportation

Maritime Transportation

Public Transit

Who are we?

For the past 15 years we have developed solid experience in wireless technologies, which has become our specialty. From private business networks to networks in complicated zones, we work in many business sectors to ensure continuous connectivity.

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