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Local communities rely on mobile networks to ensure their provision of public services. In an era of “smart cities”, they offer more and more connected public services: roadworks, public transit, municipal police, hygiene and green spaces, etc.

To meet the needs of operation teams, communities must balance the use of mobile telephone terminals with the use of professional networks that are private in nature.

LD solutions :

To define needs thanks to workshops and comparative technological studies
Implement chosen solutions

In addition, LD

Helps communities manage their relationship with mobile telephone carriers in order to develop charters of good practice relating to the installation of relays and analyse the possibility of developing relay locations early in the process.

Our technologies

5G, WiFi, IOT, TETRA, Bluetooth, RFID, video surveillance, access controls

An increasing number of communities from around the work use mobile networks to collect data from objects present in public spaces to improve service reactivity times: sensors on roads, parking metres, traffic lights, buses…

Who are we?

For the past 15 years we have developed solid experience in wireless technologies, which has become our specialty. From private business networks to networks in complicated zones, we work in many business sectors to ensure continuous connectivity.

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