Industries 4.0

Ensure the right communications within your industrial site!

Mobile networks are actively used in the oil and gas sector as well as in the energy sector.

LD solutions :

Implement industrial security communications systems: secure production sites (plant, drilling platforms) and link-up equipment such as oil and gas pipelines and high voltage lines
Ensure close proximity communications: allow operational teams and objects to communicate with each other
Transmit information remotely (via land or satellite links)

Our technologies

4G/5G, WiFi, LPWAN, TETRA, VHF, MF/HF, microwaves, satellite, radar, beacons, video surveillance, access controls

“Communicating Objects” will be a future challenge for the industrial sector. They will allow for the use of mobile networks to collect data flows from objects. These objects could be as varied as sensors, machines or even video surveillance cameras.

It should be noted that mobile networks are at the heart of discussions relating to the implementation of “intelligent” or “smart grid” electrical distribution systems.

Who are we?

For the past 15 years we have developed solid experience in wireless technologies, which has become our specialty. From private business networks to networks in complicated zones, we work in many business sectors to ensure continuous connectivity.

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