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LD can improve the digital performance of your property assets!

The real estate sector is increasingly affected by the use of mobile networks and wireless applications. LD Consultants helps owners and lessors in the implementation of telecommunications solutions.

LD solutions :

Allow you to establish your wireless network needs
Design and deploy private networks and mobile network extensions
Support clients in their administrative work – requests for licences, contracts with mobile telephone carriers, etc.
LD also helps owners/lessors in developing health files for the impact of exposure to radio-electric waves

Why ?

Jointly dealing with the above problems allows you to reduce the risks of disruptions between networks, streamline the equipment needed, all with the goal of reducing costs

This “global” network approach allows you to:

  • Implement geo-tracking systems for operations staff and the ability to send alerts in case of incidents
  • Implement SMS messaging platforms for secure or commercial use for stakeholders found within the location
  • Improve integration within buildings
  • Conceptualise geo-tracking applications for individuals inside buildings (travelers, etc.)

Our technologies

5G, WiFi, TETRA, DATI, Bluetooth, LiFi, DAS

Reaching environmental standards for buildings (which will make it hard for outside signals to penetrate inside) and the arrival of 4G networks (LTE standards) are both evolutionary factors that will make implementing indoor network coverage solutions more and more necessary.

Who are we?

For the past 15 years we have developed solid experience in wireless technologies, which has become our specialty. From private business networks to networks in complicated zones, we work in many business sectors to ensure continuous connectivity.

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